What Does Fard Mean?

fard wajib obligation


Fard is an Arabic word meaning duty and obligation. It is used often in Islamic Fiqh, as it relates to acts of worship that are mandatory. 

There are two types of Fard Actions:

  • Fard al ‘Ain: This is an action that is obligatory on every individual Muslim. There is no exception or substitution of a Fard al ‘Ain action. Every Muslims who misses a Fard al ‘Ain is sinning.

Example: The five daily prayers are Fard al ‘Ain. Every Muslim is responsible for completing their own Salah.

  • Fard al Kifaayah: This is an action that is obligatory on every community of Muslims, but not every individual Muslim is required to take part.

Example: A Janazah (Funeral) prayer must be offered for every Muslim that dies. However, because it is Fard al Kifaayah, as long there are Muslims in attendance the rest of the community is free from sin.