Our Imam

No stranger to the Ottawa community, the name Shaykh Ismail Albatnuni rings something special in the heart – the memories of his beautiful Qur’an recitation during the special nights of Taraweeh, his especially light-hearted humour, his heart-warming smile and more importantly, his sincere and selfless care for his students.

Currently he is the Imam of our masjid and teaches classes, lectures and halaqas in various masajid and university campuses.

Shaykh Ismail Albatnuni holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Shariah from the Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic University. He was a Qur’an and Islamic Studies teacher at the Ottawa Islamic School and a former Imam at the Ottawa Mosque, where Ottawa Muslims were thrilled and deeply moved with his Qur’an recitation in the style of Qaloon through Nafe’, one of the many authentic ways to recite the Qur’an. In addition to that, he has taught numerous classes in Aqeedah, Qur’an, Fiqh and other sciences in Arabic and English across the city.