All parties wishing to advertise on our platform, either digitally or in print, agree to abide by our terms and conditions. 

  1. All advertisements must be approved by the management team and adhere to all guidelines provided by staff.
  2. The advertisement does not go against the values and principles of AMA.
  3. AMA reserves the right to review, approve or decline any advertisement.
  4. Advertisements cannot contain content that:
    • Is misleading to users
    • Is deemed to be Islamically inappropriate or prohibited
    • Contains a political agenda
  5. Payment fees are due in full upon signing and, AMA has the right to refuse the applicant. The ad will not be confirmed until the full payment is made.
  6. The Advertiser agrees that it will indemnify and save harmless the AMA from any and all liability, loss, or other damage claims or obligations resulting from its advertisement.
  7. AMA shall not be liable for liability or damage claims made by the Advertiser.
  8. All content and advertising published on our platform at any time cannot be reproduced in any form without the permission of AMA.

Furthermore, there is a Disclaimer Policy which states AMA does not endorse any organization, business, or sponsor who advertises their products or services on our platform. Advertising does not influence editorial decisions or content. AMA reserves the right to reject, refuse, or cancel any ad for any reason at any time without liability.