Details for the Eid ul-Adha Prayers

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eid ul adha 2020 prayers

We are planning to hold three prayers for Eid ul-Adha. The timings of the prayers are as follows:

First prayer: 7:30 AM (doors open at 7:00 AM)

Second prayer: 9:00 AM (doors open at 8:30 AM)

Third prayer: 10:30 AM (doors open at 10:00 AM)

Furthermore, the rules regarding the Eid prayer are the same as our daily & Jumuah prayers. All members need to do the following:

(1) Be registered (if you did this online in the past you do NOT need to do it again).

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(2) Be over the age of 15. Please do not bring children who are under 15.

(3) Have the following 3 items with them (mask, prayer mat, and a bag for your shoes)

Furthermore, this Friday there will only be one Jumuah prayer at 12:45 PM (doors open at 12:15 PM).

The reason for this is that Jumuah becomes sunnah when Eid falls on a Friday, so it is not mandatory for you to attend.

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