AMA Annual Report 2022

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Verily, with Hardship comes Ease (Quran 94:5)

The global pandemic in 2020 swooped across continents, taking lives, crippling global markets, causing financial distress, and has brought many activities we took for granted to a grinding halt, with the forced closure of businesses, schools, places of worship and leisure. And the Qur’anic verse and lesson, “Verily, with Hardship comes Ease,” reminds us that these difficult times are temporary; a necessary part of the journey towards success. The key to success in the face of hardship is perseverance. We must have faith in ourselves and the community we have built here in order to overcome obstacles.

In 2022, through the two arms of Assunnah Muslims Association (AMA) – the Mosque of Mercy and AMA Community Centre, our staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to reintroduce in-person programs and new services to help the community recover and regain social and financial resilience after the pandemic, despite the limitations.

You can read more about our highlights from our annual report in the link below:

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