Tubing Trip for Families


Families are welcome to join us at Sommet Edelweiss.

You can benefit from our group discount price as long as you are responsible for your own transportation and food.

Here are the details:

Time: Saturday, Feb. 15

All families are recommended to be at the masjid for 10 AM.

At 10:00 AM all family cars will drive together to the tubing location at Sommet Edelweiss. If you miss the gathering at 10 AM or you prefer to drive ahead on your own, you can meet us at Edelweiss (538 Ch Edelweisss, Wakefield, Quebec).

Age: All ages are welcome

Cost: The price discount for you is shown in the table below:

13 Years and Up7 – 12 Years Old6 years and younger
$24 with tax included$20 with tax included$11 with tax included

In order to confirm the discount you will need to prepay using the button below.

Furthermore, your purchased tickets for families will be with the AMA supervisor when you arrive at Sommet Edelweiss which you will need for entry.

The supervisor will be Br. Talha and you can contact him on the day  of the event at (613) 725-6437.

For all other ticket inquires you can message us at info@mymasjid.ca