Swimming for Men at Brewer Pool


We will be renting Brewer pool on Sunday’s from the City of Ottawa to provide a safe environment for children, youth, and men to practice and exercise swimming. All life guards and instructors during the swimming sessions will be males. This program is catered to boys and men of all ages.

These weekly swimming sessions are organized by AMA Youth to create an Islamic and safe environment sensitive to the cultural and religious practices of Muslims. And it’s also a great opportunity to have some fun!

This is recreational swimming. We will not be providing training of any kind. Furthermore, fathers must be in the water with their kids below 10 years old at all times.

Here is the schedule for the swimming sessions.

DescriptionStart of SemesterEnd of Semester     Length Cost
Early SummerMay 7, 2023June 25, 2023

    8 Sessions


All swimming sessions take place at Brewer Pool from 8:00 to 9:00 PM.

You can register for just one, two, or all three semesters. In order to secure your spot we need you to complete the registration process. It will only take you a few minutes.