Double Weekend Seerah Course


Earlier in 2017 we held the beginning parts in the Seerah course, an in-depth study of the greatest man who ever lived – Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Even if you missed those parts you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch all the videos. Click on the image below to get started.

Join us and Shaykh Abu Umar Abdulazeez to learn the biography of the greatest man to ever live, Prophet Muhammed (SA).

We covered the history of Makkah before his birth, his honourable upbringing from childhood into manhood and then into Prophethood, the Makkan period plagued with hardship, the hijrah and early years in Madinah. We are now covering the 10 year Madinah period of the Seerah.

We are excited to provide this free course back-to-back after 2 years to maximize the opportunity to learn under esteemed scholarship! Share this with your family, friends and neighbours, since  it’s a course you do not want to miss.

Here are the details:


  • Saturday, October 1 – Sunday, October 2
  • Saturday, October 8 – Monday, October 10

Time: Starts at 2:00 PM

Location: AMA Community Centre (1216 Hunt Club Rd)

Ages: Everyone is welcome!

Cost: Free Admission

No registration is required!

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to join!