Summer Olympics

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey where competition and knowledge collide!

Introducing the extraordinary Summer Olympics program. This summer, we invite you to unleash your boundless potential and explore a realm where victory goes hand in hand with acquiring invaluable knowledge.

Unlike the traditional Olympics, this isn't just about physical prowess and athletic feats. Brace yourself for a paradigm-shifting experience that goes beyond the ordinary, as we immerse you in a world where learning takes center stage.

While you engage in heart-pounding competitions, you'll also have the opportunity to dive deep into a treasure trove of practical wisdom.
From thrilling scavenger hunts that test your problem-solving skills to captivating community projects that nurture your empathy and leadership, this immersive journey will equip you with a repertoire of essential life skills.

But that's not all! Prepare to unlock your true potential as you take part in captivating skills-building workshops that will ignite your creativity, hone your critical thinking, and unleash your inner innovator.

As you immerse yourself in these transformative experiences, you'll emerge not only as a champion but also as a visionary equipped to conquer the challenges of the future. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure, where triumph, camaraderie, and enlightenment intertwine.

The Summer Olympics program beckons you to seize this extraordinary opportunity to redefine what it means to be a champion.

Are you ready to rewrite the rules of greatness?


How Will the Olympics Work?

Tips on How to Get a Top Score

(1) You will be tasked to complete a variety of daily activities and you will be awarded points for completing them.

(2) Each activity will be assigned different points. The best way to get ahead of everyone else is to complete all activities on time!

(3) Each participant will be given a unique identifier to track their points. There will also be a leaderboard throughout the Olympics so you can see your rank in the standings.

(4) During the Olympics we will provide you with the details on what to do each day. Some days will require you to go outside, and some days will require you to be indoors.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the activities in the Olympics:

  • Coding - Unleash your inner tech wizard and discover the secrets of coding in our mind-bending class where you'll bring ideas to life with just a few lines of code. 
  • Leadership - Step into the spotlight and unleash your powerful voice as you conquer stage fright, captivate audiences, and become a master of persuasion in our electrifying public speaking class. 
  • Islamic History - Embark on a captivating journey through Islamic history, exploring its remarkable achievements, diverse cultures, and profound impact. Uncover the past and gain a deeper appreciation for its enduring legacy.
  • Finance - Unlock the secrets of financial mastery in our empowering Finance class. Discover the tools, strategies, and principles to navigate the world of money, investments, and wealth management with confidence and success.

    This is only a small teaser. There are more activities being planned that we can't share with you just yet!

    (5) Each week we will check-in with all participants and their progress as well as update the leaderboard.

    Tip 1 - Be consistent: try your best to do all of the daily activities to increase your chances to get the most points.

    Tip 2 - Be on time: you may lose points if you are late to attend an activity or to hand in your submissions.

    Tip 3 - Have fun: there is a wide range of activities for you to enjoy and benefit from.

    Registration Details

    Every youth who registers for the program will receive an AMA Youth t-shirt.

    Start date: Monday, July 3

    End date: Sunday, July 29th

    Ages for Group 1: Youth 9 - 13 years old

    Ages for Group 2: Youth 14 - 18 years old

    Costs: Early bird: $20 (deadline: June 15)  Regular: $30 (deadline: July 2nd)

    You can register at the button below:

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