Virtues of Night of Power

AMA is proud to present a special program, “Virtues of the Night of Power,” on Wednesday, April 27 with our esteemed speakers, Sh. Ismail Albatnuni, Sh. Ehab Teima, Sh. Munir Shalghum and Br. Jalil Marhnouj.

Join us for an evening of spiritual upliftment for what will be the 27th night of Ramadan. 

Here are the details:

Topic: Virtues of the Night of Power

Date: Wednesday, April 27

Time: After Asr prayer (5:00 PM)


  • Sh. Ismail Albatnuni
  • Sh. Ehab Teima
  • Sh. Munir Shalghum
  • Br. Jalil Marhnouj

Location: In-person and Online

Ages: For the whole family!

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