What Does Janmah Mean?

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Jannah refers to Heaven or Paradise, the eternal abode. Muslims believe that in order to be admitted into Paradise and live there eternally, a person must believe in God, do good deeds, stay away from sins and if/when falling into sins, seek forgiveness and change their ways.

It is on the Day of Judgement that all mankind will have their deeds weighed and accounted for, and some will be admitted into Jannah (heaven) and others into Jahannam (Hellfire) based on their good & evil actions in this life.

The wonders and blessings of Jannah are greater and beyond anything that any human can imagine. In the Qur’an, there are descriptions for what to expect in Jannah, including beautiful, peaceful gardens where water flows, abundant food and drinks, and palaces made of gold. Jannah has eight gates from which it can be entered, the names of which are associated with the righteous deeds performed in this life.