What Does Barakah Mean?

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Barakah is an Arabic term referring to 'blessings.' All humans were gifted with innumerous blessings that we would never be able to count.

The Qur'an says: "And He gave you of all that you asked for, and if you count the Blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them." (Chapter 14: Verse 34)

There is the blessing of being alive, to have senses, to have a family, to have food to eat, to feel good, etc. Every person in the world is given blessings for which they should be thankful for.

Islam teaches that barakah comes only from Allah (SWT) and that Muslims should constantly ask Allah for more blessings. It is not something that can be manifested on its own as the source is only from Allah.

Barakah can appear in different forms. For example, 0bjects can have barakah, places can have barakah (eg. mosque), time can have barakah (eg. month of Ramadan), moments can have barakah (eg. performing the daily prayers).

Barakah is also commonly referred in the dua (supplications) we make for others.

  • Barakallahu lakuma: May Allah bless for you (your marriage)
  • Barakallahu feek: May Allah bless you

The scholars of Islam say that barakah has unique elements to it:

  1. If it is placed into something small it increases it. For example, do you remember a time in which you ate a small meal and were surprised it made you full?
  2. If it takes place in something great or important it protects it. For example, parents feel happiness in seeing their children grow into healthy adults. It was the barakah of Allah that protected them as they grew up.
  3. It brings good things to you that you could never have planned for or imagined. We all have stories of amazing things that happened in our lives that came seemingly out of the blue such as a great job offer, a gift from a friend for something you really wanted, or meeting a potential spouse from outside of your network.