Supporting the Humanitarian Crisis in Myanmar

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myanmar emergency response fundraising

Earlier this year our team here at Masjid ar-Rahmah (Mosque of Mercy) joined forces with Islamic Relief to send funds to support our Rohingya brothers and sisters. Of course, our organization was not the only one to send financial support to the region. We also teamed up with local Muslim organizations including the Ottawa Muslim Association (OMA) and Assalam Mosque and … Read More

2016 Annual Report to Our Community

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Together, we achieved great things in 2016 with the help of our volunteers and staff. Because of the generous support of our donors, funders and government support it enabled us to be even bigger, braver and bolder in our work to serve one of the most marginalized neighbourhoods in the city and offer programs for local individuals, families and communities. … Read More

It’s Been a Long Time

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Would you believe me if I told you this is our first blog post in 1.5 years? The last time we published a post was in June 2015 when we launched our brand new website. At the time we had aspirations to publish plenty of new content every week, but that plan didn’t come to fruition… …until now. We are pleased … Read More

Unveiling the New AMA Website

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Surprise! We have a brand new website. I’m sure you figured that out from seeing the headline above. There’s plenty of cool things about that you’ll definitely look forward to seeing for the first time. I won’t talk about everything this website has to offer, otherwise this post will be over 3,000 words long. The rest of the site is … Read More